underwear exchange


We welcome all of your questions, comments and suggestions. Please let us know by visiting our contact page. Below are some of our frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if your question is unanswered.

What kind of items can I sell?

You are invited to sell items such as underwear, jocks, clothing, athletic gear, toys and novelties. Please contact us if you have a question or concern about an item.

How much does it cost to list my item?

We charge 20% of the sale price to cover website and other operating expenses. The amount will automatically be deducted from our payment to you. If you decide to retract the listing you owe nothing except return shipping costs based on current USPS rates. Return shipping costs are not applied if the items have not yet been shipped to us or if the seller does not wish to have their item(s) returned.

What is the difference between "Available Now" and "Reservable?"

Items with a status of "Available Now" are currently in our inventory and available for immediate shipment. Items showing as "Reservable" may be purchased, however we have not yet received them from the seller either because they are currently in transit or because the seller prefers to hang onto their item until it sells.

Why do I send you my stuff before it’s sold?

We ask sellers to send us their items as soon as practical after listing. The reason we do this is so all goods are inspected, in stock and available for fast shipment.

I don’t want to send you my items until they sell.

This is fine, however your item will only appear as "Reservable" until we receive it. Buyers are more likely to purchase your item in the first place if it shows as "Available Now."

How long will it take to receive my merchandise?

Items appearing as "Available Now" normally take 3-5 business days from the time you place your order. Items appearing as "Reservable" will be shipped to you as soon as we receive them from the seller.

Why is it taking so long for my item to sell?

This really depends on your profile, item, pictures and wording. We’ve found that users with a complete profile, who include X rated pictures of themselves with their items tend to do better. However we encourage you to list at your comfort level.

How will this charge appear on my billing statement?

Charges will appear as UX

Will anyone know what I ordered?

No. We ship all items in plain packaging with no reference to contents or this site. The shipping label will show from UX. Your order history and information is strictly guarded.

As a seller will my info be private?

Yes. We never disclose any personal identifiable information. Our business is to make sure your business is confidential.

How do I cancel my account?

Members may cancel their account by clicking on the cancel button in the account options page. For buyers: Any pending transactions will be processed and shipped. For sellers: Any unsold items in our possession will be returned upon payment of return shipping or the items may be forfeited.

Can I request a refund?

All items are sold as-is. We strive to please our customers so if you have an issue please contact us for a solution.