underwear exchange

How to sell your stuff?

Studs looking to sell their private items must create a user profile. Buyers use profiles to determine who they would like to buy from based on pictures, stats and interests. No personal contact is made between buyers and sellers. All communication is handled by us and discretion is our top priority. We require all sellers to submit pictures of each item they are selling. We highly recommend photos and/or videos depicting use of the item(s) to increase buyer interest. Face pictures are also recommended, but not required.

You can sell items yourself through our site. After listing the item on your profile, it will show a "RESERVE NOW" status. You can send us the item before it sells or wait until it gets reserved. If you send us your item before, the status of your item will show "BUY NOW". When a buyer purchases your item, we pay you and send your item to its new owner. Our fee is 20% of the sale price to cover website and other operating expenses.