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Hanes Tighty Whitie
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Selling my classic Hanes briefs tighty whities. I wear these on my morning runs a lot. Sometimes if it's early enough in the morning I take off my jogging shorts and just run in these Hanes tighty whities. Not only do I like the feeling of being free but I sweat so much it feels good to cool down and only sweat in these briefs. Sometimes I will even jerk off in nature just a bit off the trail. By the time I get home my tightys usually reek of my man must and ball sweat. If I don't have time to shower I will throw on my kakis and button down and go to work and school in them lol. My coworkers and classmates will sometimes even comment on the musk smell. These are my go to everyday briefs. I do everything from play video games in them to swim in them with my buddies. I will leave them two days dirty for the buyer, if you have any special request I'm open for extra payment being a struggling college student and all. I have over 20 pairs of these so let me know if you want multiples. I'm a size 34 waist, usually med-large. Message me if interested or would like them extra dirty for an extra charge. I accept PayPal. you can also email me there if you need additional info