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Calvin Klein Hip Briefs
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I use these as some of my everyday tighty whities. From the gym to having them encapsulate my erections so they don’t pop through my Khakis at work or in class. I wear them to bed a lot or just hang out and play video games in my down time. I am true athletic nerd at heart. All my fraternity friends and teammates give me shit for wearing tighty whities but they are so freaking comfortable. If you haven't tried them out you need to. I'm selling my collection to help pay for grad school. Anything extra helps. If you have any special requests for my tightys for some extra money let me know. ;) I take paypal. I also am willing to make them extra dirty for an additional charge ;) you can email me for any additional info. Sorry in advance for my butt sweat. My butt and hole 🕳 can get really sweaty for no reason. Especially if I’m horny sleeping in bed. I even wake up sometimes with my head down on the pillow and my butt in the upward position salivating for a real man to seed me with his sweaty cock.